You may remember this viral TikTok of the Boise State Professor Scott Yenor who had some very questionable things to say. 

If you need a refresher, here’s the TikTok:


@socialistlyawkward Medicated/Meddlesome/Quarrelsome #idaho #florida #conservative #feminism #liberal #politics #wtf #usa ♬ original sound - Lindsay

  His words "Every effort must be made not to recruit women into engineering, but rather to recruit and demand more of men who become engineers. Ditto for med school and the law, and every trade” hit hard. 

And he still stands by this argument. Here is a follow-up tweet posted by Boise State Professor Scott Yenor.    


Since then, a Boise State student (studying marketing) decided to do something more than just “write an angry post.” She decided to start a scholarship fund that will benefit women at Boise State studying STEM, Med, and Law. 

The initial goal for this GoFundMe to fund the scholarship was $10,000. Now, the scholarship sits at over $100,000. 

These are a few of the donations made by those in support of women in education at Boise State University

Donors for Boise State Scholarship Comments

Donations have come from all different donors and various amounts. Donations continue to roll in for the cause, but the most noteworthy? A record donation from Micron of $25,000.



If you're wanting to donate, you can find the GoFundMe here


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