We're only a week away from both back to back sold out Garth Brooks shows next Friday and Saturday! It will be the first major show on the blue at Albertsons Stadium and basically everyone will be at one of the two shows.

But with tickets sold out, and resale prices sky high, how will you get your tickets if you don't already have them?!

Keke and I have been saving a pair of tickets for the week of the show! We've got one pair left to giveaway and we've got a pretty good way to give them away.. but you're going to have to work for them.

Now, not actual work. It will be fun. It will be way better and more involved than the typical "caller number nine now" to win- but you'll have to wait until tomorrow for the exact deets.

For now, just set a reminder or alarm or whatever you do to make sure you're listening to Keke and I tomorrow morning at 7am. We'll unveil the contest and give you everything you need to know to win these coveted sold out Garth tickets.

Tomorrow morning! Sold out tix. Garth Brooks. 7am details. Make sure you've got the KISS app for a reminder to turn us on in the morning so you don't miss your last chance to win these tickets!

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