If you were out yesterday around 4p, you probably noticed traffic was worse than usual. I got an app alert from KISS around 4:15. It said something about 'connector blocked', and instead of reading it, I swiped it up while I was on whatever app or article I was reading. About five minutes later, I decided "I'm gonna go to Target right now!" And left around 4:30. As I'm in 45+ minutes of traffic to get to Target, which would typically be a seven minute drive from my house, I was like "Dang I guess I never drive at this time! Traffic is terrible around 5p".

I didn't realize until I got home that there was a fire on the connector that had it blocked and down to just one lane west bound, and that's why I was stuck in that traffic that I could have avoided by just reading our app alert.

Since I was already out of the traffic, I didn't look more into it. But when I got to work this morning, I saw that the accident was actually a garbage truck on fire! Then I realized: we are airing our #KatFished today that involves a garbage man, who's been cheating by meeting women on his garbage route! I got to thinking.. could that garbage truck fire have been our #KatFished garbage guy?! Did he hear our promo yesterday saying we'd be playing it today and he freaked?

Not likely.. but you never know. Don't miss today's #KatFished episode! This guy is something else. And he could be your garbage man! Check the #KatFished page on the site after 11a today to listen to the episode if you miss it at 7:25 and 8:25!

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