Another real, raw and genuine post I saw on the Boise Bench Dwellers Facebook group page. This comes from a local grocery store cashier, who's having a hard time with customers being rude, and putting her at additional risk when going in for non-essential items. Here's what she said:

I work at *edited for privacy* as a cashier. I was treated so badly today that I cried twice. It was as if I alone was the contagion. Please be nice to people. I can’t see my kids right now because of where I work. My ex husband has quarantined me from them. Be nice. We don’t want this to be happening either. But buying Easter clothes and Easter gifts are not essential. If I tell you that you are only allowed one package of tp don’t throw the other one at me. I don’t want to be there. But I have to pay rent. Be nice. You can’t see my smile behind my mask but I have compromised people in my life so I take precautions. Just be nice. This was one of the hardest working days of my life. Don’t make me lose faith in mankind.

This is SO SAD. I can't thank the people going to work in the public day in and day out enough. They're regular people, put in a position of risk to make sure we have essential items during the pandemic.

I think it's fair for this cashier to be irritated at people solely coming in for non-essential items. At a time like this, it's fair to expect people to think ahead on their shopping trips so they're grabbing non-essential items with their essential items trip.

Remember to be courteous to those putting themselves at risk for you!

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