One business that's booming during this pandemic? Zoom. Everyone is working from home and trying to stay connected to coworkers and friends and family, and Zoom is reaping the benefits of that.

Yesterday Zoom CEO Eric Zuan said that more than 200 million people used the video-conferencing app during the month of March, which is crazy considering I hadn't ever even heard of it prior to the nationwide shutdown.

But the major increase in usage, which is up 20x since December, comes with some downside, because Zoom has proven to be at risk for people hacking into sensitive meetings. This practice is now known as "Zoombombing." Of course it is.

“We recognize that we have fallen short of the community’s–and our own–privacy and security expectations,” Yuan said in an open letter to users. “For that, I am deeply sorry.”

Unless someone else comes up with a better system than Zoom (I see you skype, and I don't personally feel that you're the better contender), I don't see myself hopping off Zoom and onto something else.

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