It's cuffing season in the Treasure Valley-- that's right, it's here. Summer is winding down, it's beginning to feel like Fall, Pumpkin Spice Latte's are everywhere...and people want to CUDDLE!

No, your relationship that starts in Cuffing Season probably won't last--let's be honest. I'm rooting for you, don't get me wrong...but those rushed emotions and pumpkin patch Instagram pictures only last so long.

I've sifted through the entire internet to find only the sweetest of missed connections...maybe one of these is about you?


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    Blonde at BSU Game Saturday

    You were the very charming blond lady in the south west corner . You seemed to be in charge of who got into those glass doors . Your were wearing red and black with nice heels .. I thought we exchanged eye contact many times from my seat above .. you were on guard I guess in that area and no one was there but you and once in awhile a uniform would chat with you.. your pretty, who wouldn't .




    This you? Find the post HERE.

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    Hot Dog Eating Tall Guy...

    I saw you at Mulligans Saturday, 9/8, you were very tall (probably 6'8") with a beard. I wanted to say hi but was too shy. I also saw you getting a hot dog after the bar closed... Hope this finds you well, if you would like to get a drink hmu.




    Find the post if this is you, HERE!

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    12th Ave McDonald's in Nampa

    Hey you were in the black pretty sure Mazda CX5/CROSSOVER you paid for my drink and told the cashier for me to have a nice night HMU. Facebook Ryno Ludwig Or 2zero8-6nine7-6two16




    You don't need a link...homeboy left his digits!

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