We've been talking about it the last couple of days on the morning show, but if you haven't been driving to work and have rather been working from home, you may have missed it. I'm currently self-quarantining while doing the morning show from home.

Let me get this out of the way because it's what everyone keeps asking: I feel great. I'm not sick and I feel normal. I've had a little cough for the past couple of weeks that originated while I was visiting my family in Seattle about three weeks ago. Having a cough, especially one that lasts like this, is not common for me. It's actually pretty rare. Given that I got it in Seattle, the guys at work (Mikey, Mateo and Keke) wanted to take me through one of the drive through testing facilities just to be sure that I didn't somehow contract COVID-19.

I'm all about being better safe than sorry, so we drove on through. I honestly do feel absolutely normal and fine. But while waiting for test results, they ask you to act as though you're covid positive. Because in the off-chance that I am positive, they wouldn't want me to spread the virus to others without knowing. That means self-quarantine.

Most companies nationwide are adopting pretty safe policies where employees work from home if they experience any symptoms. My company asked that I broadcast from home while waiting for results, and luckily we've got the equipment for me to do so!

While it's weird to not be doing the show in the physical studio across from Keke, it's nice to have technology that can connect me to listeners via Instagram live, taking phone calls during the show and of course, Facetime with Keeks while we aren't on live so we can really get a feel for how the conversation would be if we were in person.

I haven't ran out of things to do at home while self-quarantining yet, and I don't think I will. Make sure you download the KISS app, I'll be live from my home office with Porsche and Nala every morning with Keke from 5-10a!



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