Cardi B has already gone viral over her thoughts on COVID-19 (if you've seen the clip of her talking about 'CORONA VIIIIIIRUS!', you know what I'm talking about), and now she wants to help those who have been negatively impacted by the virus.

Yesterday, one of my favorite rappers Cardi took to the gram to let us know that she's partnering with the clothing company Fashion Nova to give away $1,000 every hour until May 20 to anyone who's having a hard time making ends meet.

"I've been getting a lot of DMs from people in need...We are going to give out $1,000 an hour for the next 42 days," she said in an Instagram video.

$1,000 an hour?! For 42 days! That's amazing. They're giving out $1Million to people in need.

Submissions are being accepted at, where you just have to say how the money will help you. Cardi also says don't try to scam her. "I'm gonna make sure that you really do need it, don't be lying so you can lend your f**king boyfriend some money,".

Got it. Apply for the money if you need it, not to give to your boyfriend. Noted. Thanks Cardi! Always for the people.

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