February 20th is National Love Your Pet Day! Personally, I'm obsessed with my cats. Porsche and Nala were up for adoption from an Oregon shelter as kittens in 2011. My kitten Betsey had just tragically died in a surgery and the only thing that made me feel better was looking at pictures of kittens up for adoption online. I came across 'the girls', they flew up to Seattle, I met them at the airport and the rest is history.

Most people I know are equally obsessed with their pets as I am. But do you have an insta for them yet? I follow all of my friends' pet accounts and truthfully started my cats' account because I didn't want to flood my own feed and followers with tons of cute cat pix. But I was getting a lot of requests to post more pics of them from people who love them either from in person or online!

So, a dedicated IG account was created. Some call that crazy or excessive (Keke) but others love it!

So: looking for a special way to celebrate Love Your Pet Day? Start up an IG! Your friends will love it.


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