I got a text yesterday from a friend that says this:

"My friend Emily's sister goes to BSU. And she said because of coronavirus, they are considering shutting down and they are warning students there might not be graduation."

This, with still no confirmed cases of the virus in Idaho. At first I thought this could just be a rumor, but now with new information, it may not be.

Earlier this week, Harvard told students to not return from spring break and to move out of campus. Then yesterday morning, I got a text from my sister, a Pepperdine student, that they've now been told to move out of campuses by early next week at the latest. She's normally at their main Malibu campus, but is currently in Washington DC spending a semester with an internship. I've actually already got my trip booked to spend the weekend there with her, so now the trip will change a bit to helping her move out. She'll spend the remainder of her semester with online classes. Multiple other colleges have already announced that they'll be doing the same.

So, even though we don't have confirmed cases here yet, it's basically inevitable that we will, and it's good to hear that BSU is taking precautions to plan ahead.

They're actually switching to online classes tomorrow to simulate what it could look like to shutdown campus. We will update you as we get information.

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