Debunking Myths About Keeping Clean Clean and White

I'm going to say this isn't something you would see me writing about. Keeping teeth white caught my attention to all the photos I continuously edit. There is nothing more frustrating than to notice the slight sparkle go out on your smile. That sucks! It doesn't help when I came across a commercial this weekend talking about the tissue test. I'm going to shamelessly say, hook, line, and sinker. I feel straight for it and immediately reached for some tissue.

Can I tell you I FAILED! That is the real reason I'm writing them blog. I've heard so many different myths on keeping teeth white, clean, and even things you shouldn't drink. Think of all the selfies, Instagram posts, Snapchat stories, and everything else that takes your smile to the universe. We have work to do! This is serious business! I will tell you my dentist is out in Nampa and that's the only team I trust with my teeth. Period. I'd rather suffer through a severe toothache then let anyone touch my grill. Treasure Valley Dental in Nampa is the end all for me.

How do we quick fix these and do all these remedies or myths work? I did a little research from several sources including one of the listeners that called in. Spoiler Alert: All of my sources gave me pretty much the same information. We've been getting ROBBED!

I'll start by saying I'm not an expert and know about as much as the average person on teeth. I looked at several professional sources including current dental assistants right here in the Treasure Valley to come up with my debunking responses. Those are YOUR teeth! It's your call.

Baking Soda Whitens Teeth: No. I've gathered from several resources that say baking soda damages the enamel with its abrasiveness. It was also mentioned that baking soda could also disrupt the ratio of good vs. bad bacteria in your mouth.

Rinsing With Hydrogen Peroxide: Don't! I've heard this one as well, but it is said to mess with the tissues in your mouth and could cause aging in them.

Whitening Toothpaste: The is the one that got me because I received the same reaction everywhere I looked. I'm always looking for that WHITENING toothpaste. Not anymore. This answer is NO! These types of toothpastes only harm the enamel on your teeth and brushing for seconds will have you waiting a LONG TIME for lighter shades of white. Experts also say you need at least 20 minutes with whitening chemicals to make a difference. OUCH!

Strawberries and Lemons Can Be Used to Whiten Teeth: I've never heard this one, but that one is true. That said, it also eats away at your enamel could cause long term damage.

Crowns and Veneers Can Be Whitened: Nope. Get a lighter set if you want to go brighter.

I did read that whitening gels aren't bad, and the ones in the dental office are also good as well. Just be careful of the quick fixes because if it's too good to be true, it probably is. This is what one of my listeners had to say about keeping your pearly whites, bright! She is also a dental hygienist.

I got some of my answers from Teeth Whitening Myths.

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