I got an interesting email yesterday that prompted me to realize something: Boise is ranked in the top 10 for most sexually satisfied cities. Cool, it itself, but here's the email that I got with that:

The Center for Biological Diversity will give away more than 40,000 free Endangered Species Condoms on Valentine’s Day in the most sexually satisfied cities in the country to help couples consider population growth's threat to wildlife and the planet.

The colorful condom packages include species threatened by human population growth and slogans like “Wrap with care, save the polar bear” and “When you’re feeling tender, think about the hellbender.”


They will be distributed by Center staff and volunteers in Indianapolis, Fort Wayne, Cincinnati, Salt Lake City, San Antonio, Denver, Austin, Boise, Chicago and Columbus, Ohio — cities deemed by Men’s Health to be the top-rated 10 U.S. cities for sexual satisfaction. They’ll be given away at over-21 events at museums and science centers, at community gatherings and on college campuses.


“You can bet a lot of couples in these cities will get lucky this Valentine's Day,” said Sarah Baillie, Endangered Species Condoms coordinator at the Center. “But the more people we crowd onto the planet, the less room there is for animals and plants. We’re in the midst of a heartbreaking wildlife extinction crisis, and safe sex is one important way to turn things around.”


In the past 50 years, as the human population has more than doubled, wildlife populations have been halved. The United Nations predicts that the global population will reach 9.8 billion by 2050 and exceed 11 billion by 2100. At the beginning of 2020, there were more than 330 million people living in the United States. There are more than 7.6 billion people on the planet, with the United States ranked as the third-most populous country.

Imagine being on a date tonight and someone handing you this 'endangered species' condom?! Kind of interesting, because I don't disagree with the science behind this. More people equals more space needed and more resources used.

I don't have children yet, but I wouldn't be totally against it someday. Do you think this is taking things a bit far, or do you agree with their cause?

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