Just a six hour drive away from Boise, the Gorge Amphitheater in George, Washington has been called the most scenic concert venue in the entire country. And now it's getting its own movie showcasing the story of The Gorge. Peep the trailer:


Growing up outside of Seattle, I am one of the people who can say their first concert was at the Gorge. The year was 2000. I had just turned twelve. My dad brought my older sister and I to Britney Spears' 'Oops I Did It Again' Tour at the Gorge. Your first concert ever is seeing Britney Spears in her prime at the most scenic venue in the country, and arguably the world?! Hashtag blessed.

Since then, I've seen countless shows and festivals at the Gorge. From Creation Fests several years in a row, to Watershed (the one and only country festival I've gone to) to Summer Jams, I've had some dope experiences at The Gorge.

There's always a debate as to which is better: The Gorge or Red Rocks. I haven't personally been to Red Rocks, although it's on my list, but I've heard from many who have been to both that the Gorge beats out Red Rocks but just slightly.

‘Enormous: The Gorge Story’ will be in select theaters one night only, on April 28th.

In the meantime, plan a trip to see a show at The Gorge! It's really an experience like no other.

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