Let me start by saying that I'm a frequent offender of this trend and I know it. I actually just had a convo with a friend about this a couple weeks ago!

In this week's Tech Etiquette column in Lifehacker, a reader asks whether it's ever acceptable to FaceTime in a public space without headphones.

"It is not acceptable to FaceTime in a coffee shop without headphones," replies Melissa Kirsch. "I’d go so far as to say it is not acceptable to FaceTime in a coffee shop with headphones. My rule of thumb is, 'Anywhere a group of strangers are seated together is a bad place to talk on the phone.'

So that means restaurants of any kind. Movie theaters. Outdoor cafe terraces. Buses. Planes before takeoff. The doctor’s waiting room. You get it." However, Kirsch thinks it's okay to FaceTime at a park or outside a movie theater, and laments the fact that we now play with our phones in public spaces where we used to strike up conversations with the strangers sitting or standing near us.

I can see why a public FaceTime would irritate the people around you. But sometimes your conversation needs to happen and you don't have your headphones or air pods on you! I'll admit that I did this a lot more before buying air pods about a month ago, and the quality of the sound is far superior on a FaceTime call now with my air pods in.

What do you think- do you FT in public? Does it bother you when other people do it?


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