A lot of Treasure Valley school districts went back to class yesterday, and even if you don't have kids, I'm sure you noticed it in your commute either on the way to work or on the way home.

I drive to work far too early to see anyone in the morning, either walking or driving, but I live near an elementary school and school is getting out when I'm typically going home from work around 3-3:30. I've actually adjusted my workout routine to run and hit Kvell after work so I can avoid going back and forth and turning a seven minute commute into 28 while stopping for busses.

If you can't avoid the school zones and busses like I desperately try to, you'll want a refresher on the rules of the zones. 2019 fines actually increased in Idaho for failing to stop when a bus has it's stop sign out.

It would be hard to imagine that someone would drive past the stop sign on a bus more than once, assuming the first time was an accident, but you'll pay a lot if you do. The fine for your first offense is now $200, second offense $400 and third offense $600.

And I know it's hard to know when you should stop vs not stop if you're going the opposite direction, so the rules are actually as follows: If you're on a road with three or less lanes, you need to stop regardless of which direction you're traveling. But if you're on a lane with four or more lanes, you only need to stop if you're going the same direction as the bus, but can keep driving if you're going the opposite direction of the bus.

I think the main point should be: don't drive distracted. Pay attention, stay off of your phone and watch for kids more than ever now that school is back for the fall!

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