Long story short, I am the worst at makeup. It's just not where my artistic abilities lie. I can do the basic natural makeup look, but nothing else. Going to work, a party, a date, a night out or a wedding all look the same for me. I can't switch it up. And the part of my face I'm the worst at is: my brows.

It's just hard! How do you get the right shading and thickness and what if you mess up a line and you're running late for *insert literally anything because I'm always seven minutes late to everything I'm doing* and don't have time to fix it?!

That's why I went to see Angelica at Couture Brows in Boise. Here's my natural brow yesterday before we started:


I have pretty thick hair naturally so my brows never require too much shading. But again, that whole makeup application part.

And now my after microblading look:


SUCH a difference, right?! They will fade a bit over the next couple of weeks and look even better as they come in.

I've got a pretty low pain tolerance (I fully cried the first time I got a Brazilian wax) but she numbed the area and I barely felt a thing. Plus she was super quick- the whole thing took maybe 90 minutes.

Angelica unfortunately isn't taking new clients right now, but she does run a Microblading Academy. She operates multiple salons/trainings out of several states and cities and one of her main bases is here in Boise. I love a business woman! Go sis.

To find out more on her course so you can blade like her, check out her website here.

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