How many times do you open up social media and read something positive? How about at work?

We hate. We complain. It's life. When was the last time you received any recognition at work? I know right. That's why I'm writing this.

My wife has been complaining about this odd smell when she starts up her car. I was thinking it was just her pregnancy senses kicking in. Don’t look at me like that yo! If there is one thing I’ve learned about motherhood it’s that pregnant women have supernatural senses like a character out of the Twilight series. A pregnant woman can smell things that only other mothers would understand.

I investigated online and saw a tutorial for getting rid of this odor by spraying some AC treatment or Lysol into the intake. I went into an O'Reilly Auto Parts store and explained what I was looking for. The attendant told me that wasn’t my problem and that a simple air filter should fix my problem. Okay, I trusted him but asked him for assistance on the install. The attendant replied, “no problem.”

I definitely fell kinda of odd at this moment because that's something I could have fixed it myself with some time. I also have a pregnant wifey and was thinking the quicker the better. That’s where Michael comes in. I want to use his name because you should ask for him. I'm not making any money by this post, but this guy deserves some love.

Is customer service so bad these days that when someone does something nice I grab my laptop and write this? Michael didn’t only help fix my problem but dropped to a knee and took apart my dashboard to install the air filter. Michael conversated with my son and then offered for my little man to help. This dude was a BOSS!

Photo by: Kekeluv

I feel like everyone spends so much time on the things that are done wrong but zero on what’s done right. I was just so impressed with what a great guy and representative for O'Reilly Auto Parts he is.

I’m not aware if there is a Mr. or Mrs. O'Reilly but shine some love down on Michael. I’ll make it a point to always visit based upon Michael’s few seconds of just plain great service and decency. Thank you sir for being a great person and showing my son the time of this life.

Do you know of someone that has gone above and beyond? I would love to know so we can show them some Keke-LOVE.

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Thanks Michael. You were right, it was the air filter and that odor is gone.

Photo by: Kekeluv