I've yet to buy into the whole panic-shopping trend, but I plan to hit some grocery stores today and really assess what's happening at my downtown Trader Joes. I normally get my toilet paper at Trader's, and I'm hoping they have some still. To be determined.

It's not just toilet paper, paper towels and hand sanitizer that are getting hoarded and selling out in stores during this ongoing coronavirus outbreak.. it's guns, too.

According to The Los Angeles Times, firearm sales have majorly increased dramatically in many states, especially California, New York and Washington, which have been hardest hit by the virus. You've probably seen the viral posts of lines out the door and down the street outside of LA area gun stores.

"When I say sales have been booming, it's an understatement," says Tulsa, Oklahoma-based gun store manager David Stone. A Cali gun buyer also adds, "Politicians and anti-gun people have been telling us for the longest time that we don’t need guns. But right now, a lot of people are truly scared, and they can make that decision themselves.”

People are scared, and with good reason, but I'm personally not a gun person and won't be rushing to a store to get one. We'll see what's in store but as a Faith based individual, I'm being safe, smart and leaving it up to God's hands.

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