Now I'm no doctor, but this doesn't seem too hard.
According to New York Times op-ed columnist Yoni Freedhoff, being healthy isn't actually all that hard. The writer insists that someone can stay holistically healthy by adhering to the following 48 words of wisdom:
  • Don’t smoke (2).
  • Get vaccinated (4).
  • Avoid trans fats (7).
  • Replace saturated fats with unsaturated if you can (15).
  • Cook from whole ingredients—and minimize restaurant meals (23).
  • Minimize ultra-processed foods (26).
  • Cultivate relationships (28).
  • Nurture sleep (30).
  • Drink alcohol, at most, moderately (35).
  • Exercise as often as you can enjoy (42).
  • Drink only the calories you love (48).

Based on even these simple 48 words, I know already that I'm not living the most healthy lifestyle that I possibly could. While I'm excelling in some categories listed, like never have smoked, I'm vaccinated, I try to avoid processed foods, I'm definitely failing in others. I one hundred percent need to nurture my sleep way more. Right now I'm running on E as I flew into Boise late last night, had to unpack and shower and then wake up maybe two hours later to come into work. Sleep is something I definitely need to make more of a priority.

I think I could also cut down on my alcohol intake. I don't drink a lot normally, but the holidays really set you back. You're constantly at a party, a function, an event, and there's always drinking involved. My plan is a sober January this month! Wish me luck.

Are you exceeding your expectations in some areas and falling short in others? Reevaluate and start fresh! 2020 is a whole new year and you can set yourself up for success or failure all based on your choices. The ones above are a good starting point.

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