The headline really describes it all. Someone wrote me on twitter trying to get me to sell my dirty, stinky socks and shoes to him.

Now, before you say that this is the weirdest thing you've ever heard, I'm actually not that shocked by it. I've had a bunch of times where someone tried to buy my shoes or underwear. While that's not for the every day person, there's some sort of niche for this. I've had people reply to postings on craigslist or offer up (selling completely unrelated things like shoes or handbags) reach out and ask if I'd be willing to sell my used underwear. I've never done this before or even considered, but what's the harm in selling a sock?

This is what I started asking myself this morning when a guy randomly DM'd me on twitter trying to buy my sweaty shoes. I posted on my IG stories, and my mentions and DMs are going absolutely crazy with responses right now. Here's how the story unfolded:


Everyone wants to know the update, which is: I'm currently trying to get him to call in to the show tomorrow morning to discuss this foot fetish. It's fascinating and I want to know more. How does he pick the feet he likes? How much has he spent on shoes and socks? What does he do with them when he's done? There's so many questions, and I can't wait to talk to our FFG- foot fetish guy.

Will 100% update more when I've got it!

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