While the US and country goes into the worst unemployment rates in history, a new report is predicting that Jeff Bezos is less than six years away from becoming the world's first trillionaire. TRILLION. Yes, like 100x a billion. I think? It's hard for me to fathom that much money.

And as 36 million Americans are filing unemployment, people are not happy about it. The Amazon owner already has a net worth of $143 billion after skyrocketing by $28 billion in the past 12 months alone. And that's after losing a lot of his fortune last year in a divorce.

Here's what twitter thought about it:

"Jeff Bezos is about to become the world's first trillionaire while we're about to enter a depression."

"Jeff Bezos will some time in the near future have more money than the Netherlands. Totally normal. Nothing out of order here."

"If Jeff Bezos becomes a trillionaire, then it should be within everyone's legal right to rob him on sight. What's the harm? He literally has a trillion more dollars."

Well, probably not rob. Still illegal, even if it's a trillionaire.

So, will you boycott Amazon so you can give your business to someone who needs it more? Or will you stick with Bezos and the convenience of two-day free shipping?

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