Keke and I already spent way too much time together as it is, so we don't typically see movies together. This was actually the first time we've seen a movie together. So we went big with the new Bad Boys For Life in Regal's new ScreenX. What exactly is ScreenX?

You get 270 degrees with ScreenX at Regal Edwards Boise. ScreenX extends the movie screen to the auditorium side walls, creating a completely immersive entertainment experience. Regal fans will feel like they are part of their favorite blockbuster films, as the story unfolds around them. You can experience the thrill of the movies like never before in the 270 degrees ScreenX auditorium at Regal Edwards Boise. 

It really was crazy being in there. At first, I thought it could be hard to watch, but the sides were just extensions of what was playing in front of you, so you weren't constantly turning your neck like I thought it would be. It felt like a completely different movie experience than anything I've seen before.

Oh, and the actual movie? So funny. Does Will Smith even age?? He looks the same as he did when I was a kid. I love that they (spoiler, kind of??) left it open for another installment of the Bad Boys franchise.

Go peep it for yourself. Experience Bad Boys for Life like never before in the 270 degrees ScreenX auditorium, now open at Regal Edwards Boise!


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