What's happened in the last 24? Nick Jonas gained some weight and people have opinions. Mister Rogers has a trailer, and Future's bodyguard got knocked out cold.

Nick Jonas is being both hailed as a hero and crucified on twitter for his new "dad bod" after pictures of him on a yacht surfaced where he's got a little more love on the handles than usual.


Many of us grew up with Mister Rogers.

Mister Rogers' Neighborhood ended in 2001 after 31 seasons and then he died in 2003.

'A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood' starring Tom Hanks is set to hit theaters in November of this year.


It all went down on Ibiza (how did I miss Future in Ibiza by less than two weeks?!). After an argument at the Ibiza airport ensued, Future's team was getting him out of there out of fear that something could happen to Future like what happened and is currently happening to A$AP Rocky in Sweden. Future's bodyguard got sneak attacked and sucker punched and was out like a light before getting stomped. He was out for a while!

Meanwhile, Future dips and doesn't even look back. Cold. He did post to his IG story since saying that he witnessed nothing, saw nothing and that the guys were "fake goons".

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