You know what they say: if you've stolen it from me, you've stolen it twice. Pretty much all art is imitated and that's the sincerest form of flattery. And what can be created without being inspired from something else at some point?

The Brooklyn-based rock group Yeasayer clearly isn't on board with that thought process, though, and there's beef over the Black Panther soundtrack track "Pray for Me."

Page Six reports that Yeasayer is suing Kendrick Lamar and The Weeknd, the artists behind that song, on the grounds that it allegedly rips off and copies their 2007 track "Sunrise."

In the legal papers, the group claims K Dot and The Weeknd stole that song's "distinctive choral performance," tweaked it and then made it a “material and substantial portion” of their hit 2018 single. The lawsuit adds, “Despite the [tweaking], Defendants’ use of [Yeasayer’s] song nonetheless retains each of its inherent characteristics…and is immediately recognizable as [Yeasayer’s] material."

The band, which coincidentally broke up in December, is asking for an undisclosed amount in damages and profits, plus an injunction to stop all sales and licensing of "Pray for Me."

Just broke up and suing two of the biggest artists for 'stealing your song'? Seems like suspect timing to me. Let's listen though and see:

Not nearly enough to have a case in my ears, but I guess a judge will decide.


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