I'll never pass over a great deal, and I'll never miss the chance to tell everyone I know about it. Which is why you need to know that today is the last day to get 40% off of everything at Nordstrom Rack at Boise Towne Square. EVERYTHING.

Nordstrom Rack is one of my favorite stores, I wrote about it reopening last week and went on their grand reopening day last Thursday. I was shocked at how busy it was, the line to checkout was at least 45 minutes. But the deals were worth it, because they were giving an additional 40% off of everything in the store! On top of already clearance pricing.

The deals I got were amazing. Yesterday I went back, and found even more things that I didn't get to initially look at since I was in a rush as they were closing within the hour of me getting there. Yesterday, I had no time limit. So I took my time and checked out two hours later, when the gal at the register told me that their 40% off ends today!

They close at 7pm tonight, so it's your last day to get to Nordstrom Rack and find the deals of your life. There were things I couldn't possibly use or need that I almost bought just for the fact that they were so cheap. I controlled myself and tried to not go too crazy with my shopping cart, but it was full. I ended up leaving with, I'd guess, at least $1,000 worth of stuff for $105!

Last day. Get there!

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