Yesterday was Ash Wednesday, which means thousands (maybe millions?) of Catholics began 40 days of giving something up for Lent.

Keke and I aren't Catholic, but we are both Christian. We decided that in observance of Lent, we would each pick something for the other to give up.

Keke wasn't ready for what I am making him give up. He thought I'd let him off easy with just champagne (he loves champs at night) but I'm making him ditch alcohol all together.

I already knew what he was going to throw my way: no dates for 40 days. Which, I'm totally fine with because he specified that I could still swipe, just not meet anybody or go out with them.. and I mostly like wasting guys' time by talking to them on Bumble with no intention of ever meeting anyway. Win win for me.

The details: we are starting Monday. Now, Lent technically started yesterday, but we're headed down to Jackpot, NV in a few hours with a ton of listeners for a Chippendales show. So there will be drinking. And I'm headed to Seattle this weekend for a wedding, so there will be guys. So we're starting Monday and ending on Good Friday.

It will be tough.. but we're going to make it. No alcohol setting Keeks back and no guys distracting me?! We're going to flourish over the next several weeks!

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