With everything happening in the world right now, you may have forgotten that tomorrow is St Patrick's Day. I know that personally, it's been one of the last things on my mind.

With so many cities shutting down bars due to the coronavirus pandemic, cancelling St Pat's parades and celebrations, and the population being encouraged to be 'socially distant', odds are you'll be forced, and maybe happy, to celebrate St. Patrick's Day at home this year.

So since many of us will be drinking at home tomorrow night (let's be honest, with things the way they are, many of us will be drinking tonight at home as well), the AP put together the secret to a great Irish Coffee.

What do they say is the most important part? "Instant coffee that you can get at the grocery store". A bartender at Stag's Head pub in Dublin, Ireland, says that you can't use coffee that is too strong or flavorful, or in other words "good", because it will "upset the balance of the drink," which also includes thick cream and Irish whiskey.

So we don't need a fancy.. anything?! No Keurig? No French press? No Nespresso machine? Just some Folger's coffee in a can?

Here's my real question: Can I sub out coconut or almond milk for that thick cream? We're plant based around here.

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