Did you ever buy into MoviePass? I got it at my friend's suggestion early last year. I had my Grandpa get it too at the time because we went to a lot of movies together. But the rules changed shortly after getting it. You could no longer see any movie anytime. There were restrictions on time frames, days of the week, and select movies. It became nearly impossible to use. I bought a year subscription upfront (they made you) for about $120 and only was able to use it two or three times. Total waste of money.

This past weekend, the movie-theater subscription service announced it was shutting down for good on Saturday as "efforts to recapitalize MoviePass have not been successful to date.”

The company had made a splash in 2017 when it let subscribers see one movie a day for the price of $9.99 a month. But as The Wall Street Journal reports, "That low price proved unsustainable, since the company reimbursed theaters for the full ticket price, hoping it could make up the difference by selling user data.

That plan never gained traction, however, and the company was forced to tweak its offering a year later." In July 2018, MoviePass' parent company, Helios and Matheson, had to borrow $5 million to get back up and running after the company ran out of money.

After my experience with MoviePass, I'm not surprised that they weren't able to keep it going. Ever-changing rules and bad customer service do not work for companies anymore. We have too many options!

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