My son seems to love Skittles and he tends to hide them. This is us right before bedtime and I caught in the act. This is our intelligent conversation in his room.

Busted with Skittles before bedtime.

Daddy Diary entry #124 is great indication of who this little man is going to be. Lennox is SNEAKY! Just look back at that picture and say to yourself, "Could YOU take those from him?"

I'm going to say I have a problem with being stern on his manners and letting him just have fun. Lennox has gone through so much that I probably break my own rules with him. This kid deserves all the laughs, hugs, and Skittles he wants. I think a lot of it also is about how well behaved he is. Lennox is the only kid at about 2 years old that say's, "Thank You" after getting blood drawn in the hospital. I should really be thanking his mom for the opportunity to be this man's father. I lucked out!

Take a close look at this photo my wife just sent me. Lennox is doing Yoga with Paige and you don't see any Skittles in his hands do ya? Am I getting played by our son? If you watch the Skittles video he acts like eating those things before bed is just like any other night. Mmmmmmmmmmm.

I'm also putting up a link to our encounter with milk and beer below this video.