We've been doing these 'Crazy Girl Confessions', where girls and guys call in to tell us about a time they've maybe tip toed over the deep end line of going a bit nutty bananas during their relationships.

Now, this particular DM isn't my favorite because of her being crazy, I think she was actually totally in the right with doing what she did. It's my favorite because of the way it reads: it reads like a romance novel, gone wrong, naturally.

Put yourself in the scenario. She's a great writer with great attention to detail:

I was 16-17 living in a townhouse with my boyfriend and his mom. I was the only one working and supporting all 3 of us. Well, I WATCHED this boy fall in love with my nextdoor neighbor. He always wanted to hang out with her and she tried to act like my friend yet she only came over when I was at work during the day.


I had suspicion but no PROOF and we would fight every day about it. He'd look me in the eyes and say he loved me and not anyone else and he wasn't cheating on me. He said it was just me being jealous of him having friends. I agreed. I was so dumb. Then, one night, I opened up the arm of our Lazy boy and found.....HER JOURNAL! She LEFT it there!!!


My heart was racing SO fast as I snuck it to my side and opened it secretly. (He was gaming on the couch a few feet away) My hands were shaking and my breathing was very jagged. The first thing it opened to was his name in cursive ALL over both pages. Then her name with his last name. You know, like how middle school girls do when they have a crush. And then I flipped to her most recent entry. She talked about how much she like liked him *eyeroll* but how he needs to break up with me and blah blah blah. She also put in there how they held hands for the first time. Their first kiss. And then their first time having SEX on MY bed.


I stood up so fast and said WHAT. THE. F**K!!! He got mad and said I was a horrible person for invading HER privacy! Really?!!? I left him that week. He took all my money from our joint account. Because like I said earlier, I was the only one working. I was young and so naive.


His excuse for cheating??? I never had any good looking friends so when i finally "had" one he just fell for her. Now you see why I never had any friends at all!! Hahahaha what a loser.


We are still facebook friends and talk every now and then. He's tried to get back with me but I'm a believer that once a cheater, always a cheater.

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