Last night I finally busted out my scoot Betsey and got her ready for the first ride of 2019.

She's in major need of a wash (how did birds climb into the scoot cover and poop?!) and I had to use my battery tender for the first time ever, but she's going.

I went out on a new route that I haven't driven before. I rode all through downtown and the North End and then toward Bogus Basin and dipped off on a road that I'm still really not sure what it led to, but it was long and windy and great for scooting, minus some slight inclines that my Ruckus that tops out at about 40 can't really handle.

One thing I've come to love about Boise is how friendly people are, even in the great rivalry in scoots vs motorcycles. Typically, motorcyclists have a secret wave that they give to each other and only each other, and they do not acknowledge scoots. Like we're some sort of lower being that they won't say hello to. But I've noticed that here in Boise, more motorcyclists wave to me than not. Last night I rode past a crew of them and each one gave me the secret wave. That would never happen in Seattle where I've scooted before. I know my place though, I don't give them the secret wave back, I just throw up the peace sign and keep it moving.

Can't wait for more scoot sessions in this amazing weather! I'll be out again tonight, and maybe I'll get challenged to a race by a Mazda Miata again, only time will tell.




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