Since we did Cycle to Break the Cycle all last weekend at the Village, Saturday was our first day off in two weeks! It was nice to sleep in (a bit- 8a is still kinda sleeping in, right?!) and have a Saturday to do something outdoorsy!

I have a scooter, and our digital guy Daniel has a motorcycle, so we decided to ride out to a local hike that he's been on. It was southeast of Table Rock, so I assumed it would be similar in distance and time. No. It was a five hour roundtrip hike in the direct sunlight. The hike was dope, but I was not prepared for all of that sun. I didn't even bring sunscreen. I got burnt to a crisp on my shoulders. But again, the hike was awesome and I loved the surprise difficulty element.


Here's the burn line just for reference. Somehow, it looks worse than it feels. It actually doesn't hurt at all, which I'm hoping that means it'll turn into a tan rather than peel. We'll see.



My little sister just finished her first year at Pepperdine and had her last final on Thursday. Our mom flew down and helped her load up all of her dorm room into her car and they drove to Boise! I accepted this job while I was on the road trip down to Malibu to move her into campus, so she's been in school since I moved to Boise and this was her first trip here!

She's loving Boise so far! My mom came here for a few days in December after my Grandpa died, so she's seen Boise but only in the winter. It's a much different atmosphere now! They both are loving the sun! Although my sister has been living in it in Malibu since August.



After a few failed attempts at having my hair done at one of my best friend's salon (should out Jackie and Jack Plums salon in Stanwood, WA!) while in Seattle my last few trips, I finally decided I'd realistically have to find someone here in Boise. Only women will realistically understand how scary that is. Someone new that you don't know having your hair color in their hands.

I can't say I was totally nervous, because she came with a great recommendation. Keke's wife Paige has a sister who does hair here in Boise! Paige's hair always looks amazing, so I felt confident going to her. I went yesterday and she did a great job! I love the way my color turned out, and after 4 months of roots, I'm feeling like my regular self again with fresh color. New doesn't have to be scary! Now I've got an amazing stylist here in Boise and one in Washington who doubles as my best friend. Blessed.



Sunday was the exploration day for my mom, sister and I. I took them to Capital Church, to the Village, to Marshall's which I'm convinced is the best Marshall's I've ever been to, and all through downtown including the Capitol building. They think Boise is so cute!

They'll be here for a few days, so I'm excited to show them around more!








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