Another weekend where we nearly hit 100 a few days in a row! I'm still adapting to this heat, and so glad I have AC (I know, basically everyone does, but I'm not used to that either).

I've been redoing some things in my house and did a different nightstand sitch in my bedroom last week. I stuffed my "old" (is six months old?!) nightstand in my guest bedroom and finally brought it out to post on Offer Up.

For me, posting on Offer Up typically means: posting, forgetting to check the messages and offers, letting it go idle and then giving the item away. We'll see how it goes this time.


I haven't hiked Table Rock on a weekend morning since the Fall, but woke up early on Sunday morning and rode my scoot in and hiked up around 7a. There were so many people out and it was already nearly 80 when I started.

I've been running a ton, but on flat ground, so hiking up actually made me kinda sore today!


Last night I was getting some yard work done. When I say yard work, I mean just picking up leaves and things since my next door neighbor does my actual yard work for me. That's when I uncovered a freaking bee hive!

I had this piece of wood leaned up against the side of my house and flipped it down to break down and get rid of. When I flipped it down, I got swarmed by yellow jackets. Naturally, I flipped out and ran. I keep noticing a bunch of bees in my backyard and had a suspicion that there was a hive close by.. well, I found it.

After a few google searches and posing the dilemma to twitter, I went to the Home Depot and got a couple cans of hornet/wasp spray and a trap to put up in a tree for a deterrent.

I've never dealt with a bee hive before, so I was pretty nervous spraying that thing down. I did it though, got the trap up and I'll peep that hive later tonight and make sure the coast is clear before I let my cats AKA The Girls outside again.


Saturday morning I had an appearance at Bronco Motors for their Cruise into Summer sales event. I was highkey feeling my hair and makeup before I went, plus the lighting was decent at that hour, so I hit this selfie one time.


On my way to church Sunday morning, I was at a light behind this truck. A swarovski crystal license plate cover and a vanity plate that reads 'Wit a K' .. Just like me. Kat, wit a K. Whoever was driving this truck is definitely my soulmate.


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