Every Memorial Day weekend seems to be the best. This was my first one here in Boise, and my girl friends Kara and Sam came to visit from Seattle! This was both of their first times in Boise and they drove here. Drove. I'm personally sticking to flying, but Sam hates flying so they endured the 9 hour drive through rain storms, fueled by Pitbull.

Sam wanted to make as few stops as possible, so she really limited Kara's water intake on the drive. Hilarious.

Saturday morning we woke up and peeped the Farmer's Market downtown. It was my first time going through the entire thing, and I bought a lot of random stuff. Like, beer custom glasses (I don't even drink beer), three bottles of barbecue sauce and some face earrings that will potentially turn my ears green.



I took them through Freak Alley and they thought it was so cool! We each picked our favorite murals and did photoshoots in front of them. I don't know if this pic will ever make the gram, but it was a great reminder that I forgot how to pose since I don't have Kara around doing photoshoots for me on the regular.


Saturday night we went out downtown. We started at Penguilly's, then Silly Birch and ended at Fatty's. Our night guy Mateo hosts Saturday nights at Fatty's, so we ended the night with him before throwing him in an Uber and getting our own. It was a late night. We went to bed around 4:30a, which is when I'm getting to work normally! I'm. So. Tired.



Our new promo director Rome came out with us! She just moved here for the job from Florida and she's awesome. Her and my friends loved each other and I'm actually so excited that I have a single girl friend here now who also loves Drake and has cats. What a perfect situation. It's like we're the same person.



I've been gettin back into yoga the past few weeks after finding the hot yoga studio that I love, Hollywood Market Yoga in the North End. I'm also teaming up with Athleta so I needed to get some pictures in a new Athleta outfit, so we went to Hyde Park last night for some yoga at dusk.

IMG_3640 7

I love hosting my friends here in Boise and showing them the city! Thankfully the weather (mostly) held out and didn't rain on them too much. Except for yesterday after we got bottomless mimosas and went to eat at Bardenay after and it fully started pouring when we were on the patio out of nowhere.

But you know what they say- "if you don't like the weather in Idaho, just wait five minutes!"

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