This was my first weekend in MONTHS that I was both home and didn't have to work! I've been out of town the past 3 weekends (summer is the best time to travel!) and prior to that, I've had to work every Saturday for about two months running. So to have a full weekend where I could do whatever I wanted plus sleep in was amazing.

Friday I had an appearance after work, and wasn't planning on going to Garth Brooks but some things freed up for me and I was offered a ticket! I've only been to one country concert before, Watershed Music Festival last summer, but Garth was going to be huge so I couldn't turn it down.

I dipped from my event, changed, rushed downtown to meet Keke and his wife + her sisters and had the best time ever! Look at the stadium- 40K people there!


40,000 people and it felt like it leaving. I like to show up to shows late and leave early to avoid lines, crowds and let out fights. But we stayed until the end and I've never seen that many people leaving a place at once. It was chaos. It took at least 45 minutes just to get out of the stadium. But Garth was actually worth it! Such a dope show and I had the best time with Keke and his fam.


Saturday I slept in and forced myself to go to the chiropractor. I've been struggling majorly with neck and shoulder pain for a week to the point of not being able to sleep. I finally got adjusted and, honestly it's not any better, but I'm going to start going weekly and maybe do a deep tissue massage and see if it works. Currently miserable.

Then I shopped and bopped around. Anthropologie is one of my favorite stores, but they're pricey. I have this thing where I take pictures of things I want to buy but want to see if I can find cheaper on Amazon before purchasing. Basically my camera roll is filled with merchandise that I forgot to search and never bought.

These Stasher containers are plastic- free and silicone for reusable food storage! Plus they're microwave and dishwasher safe. I need these in my life.


I bought these bedside shelves from Amazon after staying at my cousin's in SD last weekend and put them up Saturday! They don't fit a lot but I love the minimalism. I'm still styling them and will probably do crates underneath to hide cords and store books. My entire house is a constant work in progress. Look how sweet Porsche is on the foot of my bed!


This was Sunday evening after I got home from a day at the pool with a friend. My mom got me this cat bed for Porsche and Nala for my birthday. Porsche lays on it basically all the time (whenever she's not on my bed). I ordered a cat tent so the girls could hang outside in my backyard with me without escaping that was supposed to come yesterday, but naturally, as with anything I order from Amazon Prime, there was a delay and it's coming in five days instead of two. Eye roll.



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