I know a lot of people who leave their TV on or the radio going for their pets while they're not at home to make them feel more like someone is there with them. Less lonely. I've thought about doing that myself, but my cats don't ever pay too much attention to the TV anyway and I don't have a channel that will necessarily keep their attention, like Animal Planet.

But what about a pet specific playlist? For someone who LOVES to make a playlist for everything, I've surprisingly never made one for my cats. Now, I don't need to.

Yesterday Spotify launched Pet Playlists, which give users the ability to make their very own customized 30-song mixes not just for felines, but any furry (or non-furry) friend.

According to Elite Daily, all you have to do is choose what kind of pet you have, identify traits of your pet's personality (for example, "Relaxed or Energetic?" or "Shy or Friendly?"), and you'll receive a tailored playlist in return.

Best of all, these playlists can be edited, so you can curate a mix that'll make your personal pets act their best selves.

If you're taking a long weekend out of the Treasure Valley, or headed up to Bogus Basin for the day and don't want your pet to feel lonely, curate your own for your pet!

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