In the words of Homer Simpson: "mmmm, beer!"

I'm less than surprised yet ecstatic to announce there is yet another option for some great beer here in Boise. If you're familiar with LongDrop Cider Company, this new brewery shares a building and is just right around the corner.  You're stumbling distance from a cider, or beer at all times!

Located at 705 W. Fulton St., White Dog Brewing is ramping up for business with their soft opening having happened over the weekend. Currently, there are six beers on tap and within a few weeks, they'll have about 12-16 different beers to offer.

White Dog Brewery first opened in Bozeman, Montana however their facility here is nearly three times larger than the one in Bozeman.  To put this into perspective, the new Boise facility is going to be able to produce about 4,000 barrels of beer, annually!

To check out White Dog Brewing, visit their Facebook page by clicking HERE

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