My favorite run here in Boise is the green belt along the river. Whether I get there from work, from Kvell or from home, I love running along the water and seeing bikers, runners, walkers, just tons of people out being active.

I run a pretty far distance down, usually between 3-5 miles one way then turn around and double back to make a 6-10 mile run. The run is already pretty as is, but anything new or exciting really adds to my mental stimulation.

Over the last couple weeks I've been following the progression of this mural in the tunnel under the overpass at Fairview. First it was just the phrase "go with the flow", which I love.


Then they started adding blocks of colors around the phrase and outside of the tunnel. It looked hectic as they were building it, but look how dope this is!!



I love this. Last night I felt like taking the night off from running, but then I remembered that this mural should be done and I wanted to see it and take a pic. Literally this art work got me outside on my run. How cool is that?!


One of my favorite parts of Boise is Freak Alley, because it's just so different and a fun take on simple alley ways. Anytime you can add color, detail and something different to something simple like a wall or an underpass, it just completely changes the vibe.

I hope they do all tunnels like this! Go check it out- it's the Fairview underpass right by Joe's Crab Shack on the green belt.


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