Most people have been made aware of Zoom in the last couple of months while now practicing social distancing and staying at home rather than do meetings for work in person, or catching up over happy hour with their friends.

It's caught on so much, that the former members of *NSYNC are also now on Zoom during the coronavirus crisis. Yesterday, *NYSNC member Lance Bass revealed that one of our favorite boy bands has been getting together on the trendy video chat, and yes, that includes Justin Timberlake.

"Especially during this quarantine, your relationships, they get tighter," Lance said on Watch What Happens Live. "Now we have happy hours every week together on Zoom, which is really fun."

And if you're wondering if the elusive Justin Timberlake is attending these? Yeah, he is. When the host Andy Cohen asked if those happy hours include JT, Bass replied, "Of course... bringing people together, Andy. Bringing people together."

If one good thing is coming out of this pandemic, it's definitely making us appreciate what we have in our relationships a lot more.

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