Last year was my first Fall in the Treasure Valley, and everyone told me things along the lines of "just wait! The leaves are pretty now, but wait until they fall. You're going to have dozens of yard waste sacks and it's going to take you hours."

And they were right. Suddenly one day, the leaves all fell and I quickly became 'that neighbor' in my hood. Ya know, the one that doesn't clean up their yard. The one who has leaves literally covering everything. I have two huge trees in my front yard, so it was unruly. Then I realized exactly what goes into cleaning that up: first was buying a rake. Didn't have one of those, and they were sold out in basically every store once I finally went to get one.

By the time I had a rake, I didn't have anywhere to put the leaves. My green yard container just doesn't fit two full trees in it, I guess. So then I had to go back to find leaf bags. Fifteen? Not enough. After a few failed attempts, many trips to many stores, and a few days of raking, my bags finally lined my yard, hoping to all be picked up my the compost peeps. Luckily they took them all.

Imagine being retired, older, or disabled and having to go through that. It wouldn't be possible. Which is why there's a dope program called Rake Up Boise. If you're 65 or older or disabled and live within Boise or Garden City limits, you are eligible to have your yard raked and winterized.

You just have to sign up before the deadline, which is coming up on Friday, October 18. Sign up here with more details here. 


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