Not a lot of people are playing April Fools pranks today, with this whole 'world being shut down' thing happening. Many of us are more concerned with how to pay our rents or mortgages today, or by the 5th, than having that "April Fools!!!" gotcha moment.
But if you're looking for something safe to prank someone with today, The New York Post just published a list of five perfectly wholesome pranks to play on people from home:
  1. Swap out the family photos. Mom, why did you frame that random photo of Steve Buscemi? For those quarantining with others, putting a strange new image in front of a familiar photo is an easy way to get a double take—even from people who maybe haven’t left the house in weeks. If you’re quarantining alone, consider placing a swapped-image frame behind you in a Zoom call, and see if the person you’re video-chatting with notices.
  2. Pretend to be typing…forever. With everyone glued to their phones, the three dots which signal that someone is responding to your text carry great weight. What are they going to say? Will they ever press send? Why does it feel like they’ve been typing for an eternity? Maybe it’s because they aren’t actually typing, but just sent you a gif of the three dots.
  3. Subscribe a pal to a hilarious mailing list. Here’s a harmless way to brighten someone’s inbox at the expense of a little confusion. The internet has seemingly endless free email newsletters to sign up for, including a great assortment of ones on raising chickens, community chickens and chicken secrets—perfect for causing mild bewilderment in that friend who has zero poultry-related interests.
  4. Text replacement. IPhones have a feature intended to help enhance typing speed that can easily be hijacked in the name of a laugh. Text replacement, while meant to automatically fix quick errors — like when you write “hte” instead of “the” — can also be used to automatically replace “good morning,” with “CAN I GET FRIES WITH THAT?” every single time.
  5. Flatulence. Is there a more perennial hoax than the fart? For those who have a whoopee cushion on hand or are skilled at the hand-in-the-armpit trick, this one is easy to do the good old-fashioned way. For everyone else, there’s a farting app.

Plan on pranking someone? Call us in studio to let us know what you're doing!

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