I've been expecting this announcement to come down.

Shortly after Shane Gillis was announced as one of Saturday Night Live's new cast member for the upcoming season, footage of Gillis making racist jokes about Chinese people surfaced on a podcast.

"Let the f**king c**nks live there," he said of Chinatown in New York City. (Gillis also reportedly referred to presidential candidate Andrew Yang as a "Jew c**nk" on another podcast.)

Gillis offered to apologize to anyone he offended, explaining, "I'm a comedian who pushes boundaries. I sometimes miss." Apparently that wasn't good enough for Saturday Night Live, which fired Gillis on Monday.

In response to the news, Gillis tweeted, "I’m a comedian who was funny enough to get SNL. That can’t be taken away. Of course I wanted an opportunity to prove myself at SNL, but I understand it would be too much of a distraction. I respect the decision they made. I’m honestly grateful for the opportunity. I was always a Mad TV guy anyway.”

Saturday Night Live's new season kicks off on September 28.

Have you ever had some choice words for your employer when they let you go? I may have popped off at an employer, but just once. Have you?!

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