Let me start this out by saying that I got my stimulus money via direct deposit and it's already pending in my bank account. So I'm not coming at this from a bias stand point. Or by any political reasons. I'm simply passing on information about why some stimulus checks could be held up for some Americans.

If the 70 million Americans who are waiting to get their paper stimulus checks in the mail (as opposed to getting the money via direct deposit as some of us are) receive their money in the mail box a little later than anticipated, they might be able to thank President Trump.

The Washington Post reports that some checks might be delayed because Trump insisted on having his name added to them. He reportedly wanted his signature to appear on the checks, but that idea was put off because the president is not an authorized signer for disbursements by the U.S. Treasury Department.

Instead, his name will appear in the memo line. This will mark the first time a president's name has ever appeared on an IRS disbursement.

So there ya have it, if you're waiting longer for a much needed stimulus check, at least it will have the Prez's signature on it.

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