I've been living in Boise since 2007 and loved every minute of it. I remember being picked up for my interview, eating my first meal at Bardenay and signing my contract.

We were out in the bars every night it seemed like just introduces ourselves to the city. I could go on and on including the time I fell in the fish tank at China Blue. Yes, they had a fish tank 🐟

I just came across the video and it kinda took me back a bit. Neil Diamond just did a remake of his song, "Sweet Caroline." That song reminds me of so many bars that no matter who was attending and regardless of the time...the bar sang together. You see this song at baseball games during the 7th inning stretch and at every wedding.

Neil is making news again because he just did a remake of his classic with lines like, "hands washing hands..." Neil Diamond mixed things up on hs "Sweet Caroline" song with lyrics around the coronavirus to remind you to wash your hands. We're seeing so many celebrities use your social media to entertain the fans. I'm not saying I'm gonna be rocking this in my Jeep but give this dude credit. Neil still sounds great!


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