For one reason or another we had not been able to make it out to Campos on Lonestar in Nampa. First of all let me thank every one of you who suggested it because other than Mateo stepping on gum in the parking lot... hahahaha, we had a great experience. We we're pleasantly surprised, the place was so clean and doing a good job of following COVID-19 guide lines.

Now to the good stuff...We ordered our customary taco three pack - Carne asada, Pollo ( chicken) and Adobada... but this place had come so highly recommended that we added a fourth... the Carnitas taco. There is something about their corn tortillas, most tortillas seem to serve a purpose but these really add to the flavor of their tacos. The Carne with their red spicy salsa were on point. I put green salsa on the Pollo tacos and it was the perfect compliment, The adobada taco had a hint of chorizo and in my mind that put it over the top. The Carnitas was the least of my favorite but not bad at all. The service was good and like I said before the overall experience was great. Mateo gave Campos on Lonestar in Nampa 4.5 tacos out of 5 and I scored it s very strong 4 out of 5. As a bonus special guest Chris gave the Carne asada burrito a 4.5 out of 5. You will definitely see me at Campos on Lonestar again.



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