Taco Tuesday is a day Mateo and I hold near and dear to our hearts and admittedly so sometimes we're disappointed but nevertheless we're always excited to see what the next Tuesday brings us. Last Tuesday was definitely a disappointing one so today we decided to take a left turn and try a different taco spot.

Before we get into the good stuff let me first say that we never accept free food because our goal is to give the KISS-FM listener / reader / viewer an unbiased review. If we accepted free food we might be tempted to give someone a favorable review that they don't deserve.

Naked Fins is not primarily known for its tacos however every time I've been there for their sushi I've been curious about the tacos and more specifically the fish tacos because after all they specialize in fish. Today I ordered the Pacific taco which includes grilled spicy salmon, cabbage, cucumber salad, lime juice, chipotle aioli, green onion & togarashi as well as the Baja fish taco - grilled rock fish, cabbage, pico, cotija, cilantro, Fins' Baja sauce. If I'm being completely honest I've always enjoyed the vibe & the concept of Naked Fins and obvioulsy their sushi is great but I have to tell you that I'm impressed at how good the fish tacos are. The ingredients are fresh and you can taste it in every bite. The sauce is flavorful but not overwhelming and flour tortillas are better than most. Mateo and I both score Naked Fins fish tacos 4 out of 5. We will definitely be back for tacos and sushi.


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