I look forward to Tuesdays because every single Tuesday Mateo and I make it a point to sacrifice our taste buds and stomachs in order to bring you the truth and nothing but the truth. Did that come across dramatic? hahahaha... Allow me to tone it down a bit for you. Every Taco Tuesday we try a new taco spot and give you our honest opinions. We always pay for our food so that we never feel obligated to be nothing other than truthful.

Today while on the air we got a DM on our IG @kissboise from Tyra who suggested we try Lolita's Tacos on Boise ave and Protest. We had a good experience, the service was good, the Carne Asada was good, the Adobada was good, the Chicken even though it was shredded was better than most shredded chicken tacos I've had. To put things in perspective let me say this, I've come to realize that Mateo and I are stingy when it comes to giving out  5 out of 5 tacos in our reviews as a matter of fact I believe we've only given out 5's twice. Mateo gave Lolitas a 3.5 and I give them a 3.25. Good food, good service, just good.


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