I feel like a kid on Christmas morning every Tuesday. The anticipation of the tacos every Tuesday is exciting and most of the time rewarding. Today we decided it was finally time to do the 2C slide and head to Tacos Aguililla on the north side of Nampa.

The minute we walked in I could see a huge sign with a three taco combo for $8.95. seeing as though it's Taco Tuesday I thought it was a great move on their behalf. The service was great and the people we're really, really nice. I tipped 20% but thinking back I should of tipped more. The chips and salsa were delish and the presentation of the 3 taco combo was very pleasing to the eye. My food was hot however my carne asada was a bit gamey, the adobada taco was good and the shrimp taco I had was heavy on the onions but it was fine. I hear that their chilaquiles are exceptional. Both Mateo and I were a bit underwhelmed ( maybe it's because its been over hyped for weeks ) As a result we give Tacos Aguililla on 11th in Nampa 3 out of 5 tacos.

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