Every Tuesday Mateo and I head out in search for the holy grail of all Taco Shops and last week we found something exceptional so today was gonna be tough for a traditional taco shop which is why decided to try something different. Before I go any further let me say that we do not accept free food in order to keep ourselves completely honest and therefore not mislead you in any way shape or form.

As I said before we felt the need to try something not so traditional today so we decided on The Funky Taco on 8th street downtown. The vibe at this place is very cool, I love what they've done with ceilings and even the Beastie Boys canvass at our table was very cool. The service was really good and the people were nice. Today we ordered the Simple which is a chicken taco and the Macho which is a steak or basically carne asada. I have to be careful when I use the word "basic" because there is nothing basic about these tacos, there is a lot going on and the flavor is dense. the Simple (chicken) taco plate was a overtaken by the cheese nevertheless it was a good taco. The Macho (steak) had a very interesting ginger / mole taste to that made for a pleasant surprise. Additionally they offer 3 salsas that again are different (red ginger hot, orange mango medium, green lime mild) but all very tasty. All in all I would definitely go back, I will remind you these are not your traditional tacos but while they're not traditional they are  tasty. Mateo scores The Funky Taco, 4 out of 5 tacos and I gave them 3.5 out of 5.

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