My inner fat kid or culinary connoisseur ( you pick the description that you're most comfortable with ) gets super excited every Tuesday to the point where my mouth waters when I start thinking of the Taco Tuesday review possibilities. Every Tuesday Mateo and I head out on a quest for the best tacos in the Treasure Valley. We pick a place based on the listeners suggestions and trust me when I say the suggestions vary from taco trucks, brick & mortars to designer tacos spots. l should mention that we do not accept free food. We always pay for our food because we do not want to be jaded or feel like we should give someone a review they don't deserve. More importantly the goal is to provide our listeners a service, we want to point people in the right direction and give them a heads up because paying for bad food is the worst.

Tin Roof Tacos is what I refer to as a very mass appeal, mainstream taco spot that caters to the general market and not typical of the more authentic taco places we review but from time to time we like to take a random left turn. The food at the Boise location has all the potential in the world. The selection of all day breakfast tacos, the veggie options, the brisket to the shrimp tacos is a refreshing approach. This place should of been at least a 4 out of 5 however... every single taco that we ordered had cold tortillas... Every... Single...Taco. I feel like I would of really enjoyed the the BBQ brisket tacos as well as the shrimp tacos however that  was minimized by the tortillas. Mateo gives Tin Roof Tacos 3.5 out 5 tacos and I have to say 3.25 based on the tortillas. I will say that I would give them another chance to get it right.

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